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We love hearing how our items bring meaning to our customers' lives. To share your story, email or use the hashtag #mybecoming on social media.

I first became aware of Becoming jewelry when I went to the store to help the girls I babysat for pick out a piece of jewelry for their mother for Mother’s Day, and I instantly fell in love. I always try to shop local, and the unique and inspiring jewelry spoke to me immediately.

When I moved to South Florida from Kennebunk a little over three years ago, I wanted to bring a piece of Maine with me that I could forever cherish and be reminded that, although quite the distance away, Kennebunk would always hold a special place in my heart.

Moving to South Florida was a choice I made to be able start a new chapter of my life—going through a divorce and returning to my true self, someone I had lost for sometime.

Through self-care practices, meditation, and yoga I’ve learned to recognize how important our breath is. Something that I took for granted for far too long. I selected a piece of jewelry with the word "breathe" engraved on it as a reminder that no matter what I face, as long as I come back to my breath, everything will work out just as it should.

Today, I am living my best life in the SoFlo sun and breathing in the salty air, beyond grateful for each and every breath.

I wear my Wanderer bracelet almost daily, for three years now. It has a lot of meaning for me! I had just graduated college and had made the choice to move back in with my parents for a few months to save money before I made the move to D.C. My parents' farm is in the middle of nowhere in East Tennessee, and I was desperate for a getaway that would reinvigorate me. I stumbled into this shop called White's Mercantile on 12th Avenue in Nashville. I didn’t plan to buy anything that day, but I noticed the bracelets by the cash wrap. I picked up one and it said "wanderer." It was a sign for me that I was on the right track, and that I would always have a wandering spirit. It’s been almost three years, and it reminds me every time I wear it that’s it’s okay to feel like a hopeless wanderer.